Blue car being washed

Interior Valet

Price £50.00     Duration: 180 mins (plus drying)

Interior Valet - Thoroughly clean and revive the interior of your vehicle. Carpets and seats are extensively brush vacuumed, interior (plus drying time) trim is cleansed, glass is polished inside and out, and carpets and seats are shampooed to remove ground in dirt and odours.  



• Floormats brushed & vacuumed
• Carpets, seats & boot vacuumed
• Dashboard, compartments & controls dust-vacuumed
• Dashboard, compartments & controls damp towel wiped

• Seats and carpets shampooed, dried and treated 
• Dashboard dressed
• Interior trims, door and boot shuts damp towel wiped
• Interior trims, door and boot shuts dust-vacuumed
• Interior trims, door and boot shuts dressed
• Interior glass polished


Interior Extras

• Leather seats cleaned and treated with leather care + £20.00 (+1hr)