Valeting Services

Using our knowledge, experience and high attention to detail, we want to get your car looking as good as it possibly can. To do this we use a variety of techniques and methods, whilst using great quality products to ensure the best finish.

Express Valet

From £30.00

Our express valet will keep the interior and exterior of your vehicle looking its best. Includes glass polished inside and out.  Many customers  choose to have this valet on a regular basis once/twice a month.

Wax Valet

From £60.00

Includes everything in the Express Valet, plus the bodywork is hand finished with a layer of glaze and wax, enhancing the colour, shine and protection of the paintwork, 6-8 weeks protection.

Deluxe Valet

From £80.00

Includes everything in the Wax Valet + Interior trims, damp towel wiped and satin dressed + paintwork decontamination (removing iron and  tar) and sealed with a layer of glaze and wax, enhancing the colour, shine and protection of the paintwork 8 - 10 weeks.

Showroom Valet

From £125.00

Our Full Showroom Valet is ideal if you are looking to sell your car, just bought a car or a general all round tidy up. Covering the whole vehicle top to bottom, this valet takes approx. 6-8 hours to complete.

Interior Valet

From £50.00

Thoroughly clean and revive the interior of your vehicle. Carpets and seats are extensively brush vacuumed, interior (plus drying time) trim is cleansed, glass is polished inside and out, and carpets and seats are shampooed to remove ground in dirt and odours.